Nowadays cafes are not just about serving good food and having a good ambience, the meaning of casual public gathering over food has evolved over a period of time. Since the advent of technology and such out-reach of social network, cafes and restaurants are not just trying to serve you good food but also are trying to get your attention and retain you as much as they can. This attention-grabbing strategy is not always working in the hands of the franchisee, as not only is it sometimes annoying for the customer but it also takes away the sheer pleasure of concentrating on the very things that you came for i.e, food.

They say the customer is king. Well then, it is the franchisee’s prerogative to not vex their king unnecessarily. To counter this problem, cafes and restaurants have come with a solution of providing added benefits to the customer such as free coupons, discounts etc. These benefits are not only giving them an edge over the competition but are also playing a bigger role in retaining a customer.

From the customer point of view, these benefits have more motivation for a franchisee more than they do for a customer. The redemption process for these coupons is so torturous that the customer hardly displays any interest in availing them even if they are given for free. Not to mention the hidden conditions that comes with every single coupon. The franchisees soon have to act upon this area of not annoying the customer to the extent that he breaks the collaboration.

There arises a need to probe into this situation. The benefits should not only be direct and instant but also it has to be transparent. Otherwise it will defeat the very motive of providing benefits to the customers. The benefits should really be usable and should be provided at the right time and right place without bugging the customer throughout the day.

Dealocx offers a groovy solution to this problem by providing a platform for adequately rewarding and monitoring relevant stats of customer bases. Discount deals and vouchers from cafes, restaurants and pubs can be advertised through the app. Based on the consumer’s loyalty, the café can choose to reward them with Chips. These Chips can be redeemed for a variety of things like buying merch online, booking movie tickets, getting mobile recharges and much more! Apart from this, café and pub owners can promote their offers specifically to their loyal customers, who would have subscribed to getting notified of any deals.

So, welcome to the end. The end of worry. Enjoy your coffee!

The Dealocx app is available for download from Google Play Store and check out for more info.


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