Start with the Frequently Asked Questions

Dealocx is a platform for offers and discounts from leading restaurants, cafes and pubs near and around your location.It provides you with a unified loyalty program for all your favorite places and helps you earn chips for promotional/transactional activities.
Chips are Dealocx’s reward points. Inspired by casino culture, the chips have value in the form of vouchers which you can redeem against online purchases, taxi services, movie tickets and loads more.
Three different ways!
  • Use Dealocx to find deals when you are eating out. Every transaction you make has a percentage of chip value attached to it. And whenever you gulp, you’ll earn that specified amount in chips.
  • Share your photos, reviews, blogs and posts about your favourite places on social media And satisfy your hunger for chips
  • Refer Dealocx app to your friends and grow your CLUB. You can send invites to your exclusive ‘CLUB’through the app by Whatsapp, Facebook or SMS. A unique referral code will be generated in your invite. Upon entering this referral code in the app by your friend, chips will be credited to your Dealocx account.
    Plus, you’ll earn chips every time your ‘Club ‘member makes a transaction. Like a chain reaction!
Dealocx is Location based. So you don’t need to worry about that breakfast deal from the neighbouring galaxy.
Dealocx showcases the best deals from the food and beverages world, which you probably didn’t know existed. Moreover, you won’t get spammed by irrelevant deals. You can follow your favourite places and choose to get deals only from them.

Dealocx rewards you for being a foodie by giving you chips which can be used for making online puchases , booking movie tickets or doing a mobile recharge.
Nothing! It’s absolutely free. Available for download from Play Store and App Store.